Next workshop will be held on Wed, 6 Dec 2017 at 93 Fitzroy st, Grafton Wellbeing Centre ph (02) 66433466



In this FREE WORKSHOP I will share the simple but very effective steps I have taken to overcome serious, chronic health conditions.

We will discuss;

  • Tick-borne illness, cancer, chronic fatigue, neurological diseases, trauma, anxiety and mental health conditions.
  • Simple, effective detox, parasites, viruses, bacteria and oxygen therapy, diet, dental health, herbs and homeopathy, biochemistry, energy healing, bi-carb soda to alkalize the body, GcMAF to repair immune function, Redox to repair cell function.
  • You will also learn some powerful mind/body healing techniques.

For more details or if you would like to book me to hold a workshop in your area feel free to contact me here

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