Face to face sessions available in Yamba, Grafton and Lismore
Skype sessions available from anywhere in the world
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Yamba – Raymond Laurie Sports Centre, 78 Angourie Rd, Yamba
Grafton – Grafton Wellbeing Centre, 93 Fitzroy St, Grafton
Lismore – Flower of Light, 29 Orion St, Lismore

Private session 1 hr $80,

Workshops & Retreats

I will be announcing dates for talks, workshops and retreats soon.

Once you clear the underlying cause of dis-ease, joy, vibrance and vitality spontaneously fill your life

* Release the emotional connection to physical illness
* Give your organs and vital systems a voice
* Heal at the deepest cellular level
Learn life-tools to create permanent and positive transformation
De-activate emotional triggers, re-activate your own immune system
Reconnect with the deep innate wisdom and joy within yourself

How many sessions are needed?

You are in control of your own process and therefor your own destiny. You may feel after one session that you have resolved your issue or achieved your goal. There may be a number of levels or challenging aspects that you wish to resolve, therefor you may choose to have more regular sessions. Trust your instincts and you will know what is right for you. If you feel you will benefit from regular sessions, weekly or fortnightly is ideal. 

Genome Healing

Genome Healing methods give your body, your organs, and every system a voice. Powerful but very gentle quantum healing methods enable profound transformation at the deepest cellular level back to the optimum functioning blueprint. Harmonize the masculine and feminine energies within you, heal hurts and imbalances that may have begun many generations ago. The Genome Healing trauma clearing method is second to none with no need to go through the story of past hurts. These processes provide an instant internal feeling of transformation as they happen. For more – Genome Healing

What happens in a Genome Healing session?

Sitting down comfortably we will give your organs and any system of your body a voice. For any area of your physical or emotional self that is not thriving, we can use a number of processes towards optimal functioning. After doing some general balances we will focus on any areas of concern whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual.


PSYCH-K® provides an incredibly powerful way to release physical and emotional stress at the cellular level of the body and the subconscious level of the mind. Use the principles of quantum physics and epigenetics to create the life you choose. For more – About PSYCH-K®

What happens in a PSYCH-K® session?

All sessions are based on the area/s of your life that you would like to enhance. This may be one or more topics depending on each case. We discuss goals and set clear intentions and then use one or more methods, called balances, to initiate a process of change. We may also use balances to transform any areas of stress related to your goal/intention. During the balances we use muscle testing to establish communication with the subconscious mind. We also tap into a higher wisdom to make sure each balance we do is safe and appropriate. This process bypasses the chatter of our conscious mind so we can work through quite quickly to achieve the best outcome for you. You may feel a change or transformation during the session, just after it, or in the following days or weeks.


Breathwork can be used in many ways including to bring balance and harmony to your body and emotions, enhance sporting performance, or for deep and profound healing. During a breathwork session I provide a safe space where you are able to listen to and connect with the deepest parts of yourself, deep within your soul. From this place you re-connect with your inner power, your inner wisdom. Anything on a physical, emotional or spiritual level that is restricting or preventing you from operating from this place of love and personal power, will release. In turn, profound feelings of peace, love, joy and deep contentment may spontaneously arise. For more – Breathwork

What happens in a Breathwork session?

Initially we discuss and write down your intentions and any areas of your life you would like to improve. Lying down on a mattress I invite you to bring your awareness to your body and your breath. I then talk you through some exercises to enable a deep state of relaxation. During the session you may feel energy blockages releasing and energy moving through your body. Emotions may arise or you may see colours or images. If you have any unresolved issues or past upsets this process allows them to spontaneously come to the surface to be released and healed as you are ready to do so, without digging through past hurts unnecessarily. Often it is when these physical or emotional energy blockages are released that the wonderful feelings of love, joy and insight arise. At the end of the session we discuss your experiences and an integration plan if needed.

Photo by Dianne Ellis 🙂

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