The most effective steps I have taken to regain optimum health

I have found simple methods and remedies to enable my body’s own powerful self-healing abilities. After a lifetime struggle with chronic illness including Asthma, allergies, chronic Fatigue, digestive disorders, neurological problems, anxiety, depression, deep childhood trauma, PTSD, Lyme disease and suspected cancer in many areas including spine and breasts, the methods below have transformed my physical and emotional health. To read more about my story – About Dianne

This information is a collaboration from many of the mainstream, holistic and natural doctors and practitioners I have seen over many years. I am not a health professional and this is not medical advice. If you have concerns about your health please seek the advice of a natural or medical health professional. Before continuing please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

  1. Liver and kidney cleansing
    Simply one mug of alfalfa leaf tea morning and night, half hour before meals, to cleanse my liver saved my life when I was seriously ill with Lyme disease. With many symptoms and severe pain throughout my body. I had seen as many medical and natural health professionals as I could, and it was this simple procedure that enabled me to begin to function and regain strength. Soon after I discovered all my food allergies had disappeared. It is recommended to cleanse the kidneys first before cleansing the liver. I was given Juniper Berry tea to cleanse the kidneys. There are many different herbal teas effective for kidney and liver cleansing. These are easily available on the internet or see
    Dr Clark,  Liver Doctor Sandra Cabot
  2. Diet
    Our diet has a huge effect of our health! After learning that grains can have a negative impact on your health I cut them out of my diet and noticed great improvement in my energy and overall feeling of wellbeing. I now feel I do the best on a paleo or ketogenic diet, both of which are highly recommended by many holistic practitioners.
    Dr Mercola’s Ketogenic diet
  3. Nutrigenomics/Biohacking
    Foods and supplements to switch on healthy genes. Detox at a cellular level. For the first time in 30 years, since taking Protandim I am not have big crashes in energy after exercising! While Protandim is the last remedy I have come across it is certainly the most astounding. A specific combination of 5 herbs; tumeric, milk thistle, bacopa, ashwagandha and green tea, Protandim has been discovered to activate our genes and the Nrf2 pathways in our bodies which create our own antioxidants; glutathione, catalase and superoxide dismutase. One molecule of these antioxidants is one million times more powerful than vitamin C.
    Cardiologists sharing the benefits of Protandim – Dr Mark Gordon   Dr Benedict Maniscalco
    PubMed studies on Protandim – Founder, Dr Joe McCord
    Purchase Protandim here.
  4. Parasite cleanse
    Specialists and researcher all over the world are now discovering that most diseases and illnesses have a parasitic viral or bacterial cause. I have used numerous anti-parasitic methods including herbal tinctures, Dr Clark’s zapper and parasite protocol, mebendazole and pyrantel pamoate (over the counter drugs), with good success. I also found Kerri Rivera’s CD protocol below to be very good.
    Dr Clark
    Kerri Rivera
  5. Dental cleanse
    For approximately 8 years I had a tooth that didn’t seem ‘right’, but x-rays showed no problem. Finally a small abscess appeared and the tooth was removed to reveal a large abscess which my holistic dentist believes would have been poisoning me for years. My health improved dramatically after removal of the tooth. Hidden infections, such as beneath dead teeth and root canals, feed bacteria directly into the blood stream and nervous system which can cause numerous serious health problems. Any leaching of mercury etc from Amalgam fillings is directly ingested.
    Hal Huggins
  6. CD/MMS
    This is an alternative method which has attracted a lot of controversy. When you are on deaths door and have been sent away by conventional medicine with no answers you ask yourself, ‘What else can there be?’  A professional suggested that I look into MMS also called CD. I was very reluctant but in desperation I gave it a try. I had almost immediate relief of some Lyme disease symptoms. My health continued to slowly but dramatically improve as I followed the CD protocol by Kerri Rivera. I chose to do the enemas occasionally rather than daily but I found all steps in the protocol very helpful. Because CD/MMS is very strong and can kill large amounts of pathogens in the body quickly I have strictly followed the directions recommended by Kerri Rivera and Jim Humble. I have heard of people becoming very ill when they take too much at once and their body can not deal with the sudden die off of pathogens. I have used CD/MMS for three and a half years with no detrimental side effects.
    Jim Humble
    Kerri Rivera

    Dr Stephanie Seneff talks with Kerri Rivera about MMS and glyphosate
  7. GcMAF
    GcMAF is a vital part of our immune system. It has the process of uploading Vit D to activate macrophages. Without it our immune system is disabled. Many people have high levels of nagalase which depletes our body’s own GcMAF. Supplementation with this protein very quickly activated my immune system. It has given me great relief of Lyme symptoms. I have also seen great improvement in areas troubled by skin cancer. I have used drops and cream successfully. I also make milk kefir, adding colostrum, to produce my own GcMAF. Directions can be found on the internet.
    GcMAF Products
  8. Biochemistry
    Many people are lacking vital nutrients and minerals. Some people may benefit from a supplement which may be harmful to another. Biomedical testing and treatment is extremely beneficial particularly for anyone with a physical or mental health condition, eg many people are low in zinc which can lead to a lowered immune system and is a major cause of depression. Specific natural supplementation has been helpful to rectify these deficiencies detected by blood, urine and/or hair tests. Dr William Walsh has a scientific database of 25,000 patients and a million assays of chemical factors in blood, urine, and tissue. He can look at someone’s blood chemistry and accurately predict which mental health disorder they have. Simple amino acids can provide immense relief of anxiety and depression if you are low on these, eg Trudy Scott says L tryptophan will help your own body produce serotonin to relieve mental anxiety, while GABA will relieve physical anxiety.
    Dr William J Walsh
     – BioBalanceTrudy Scott The Anxiety Summit
  9. Bi-Carb Soda
    Virtually all disease and illness begins in an acid environment. Pathogens which cause most disease and illness cannot survive in an alkaline environment. I am amazed at the huge relief I gained when I began to take Bi-carb soda internally and applying it to my skin. Remaining Lyme symptoms all but disappeared. After six months of being purely on bi-carb thermal imaging showed some areas of suspected cancer had resolved and many other affected areas had also improved. 
    Safe Soda
  10. Redox Signalling Molecules
    Many diseases and illnesses have been linked to mitochondria dysfunction. Redox signalling Molecules are a number of compounds produced by the mitochondria and act as either cellular messengers or cellular activators. They play a vital role in almost every function of our body including repairing of cells, regenerating and replenishing, energy production, detoxification and activation of the immune system; giving your cells the messages to kill pathogens and protect against parasites, viruses and bacteria. Cell aging is also reversed. It is very important for optimal health to have a balance between oxidants and antioxidants which both play a vital role in these processes. Redox signalling Molecules have been replicated identically and stabilized in a safe bio-compatible salt water solution. Within minutes of applying Ren28 gel I could feel my cells being activated with a pleasant buzzing sensation (unlike the awful buzzing sensations that come with Lyme symptoms). Many Lyme symptoms disappeared and I felt huge improvements in weak and damaged areas of my body which had shown up on thermal imaging as suspected cancer. 
    Dr Gary Samuelson
  11. Homeopathy
    Having experienced wonderful results with homeopathics in all areas of illness for myself and my children, I highly recommend their use. See your local homeopath or take the opportunity for a consultation with a trained homeopath over the phone or online.
  12. Testing
    My preferred laboratory for testing Lyme disease is Australian Biologics

There are many wonderful treatments and methods for improved well-being. The steps above are simply the most important steps I found to significantly improve my health.


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Genome Healing, Psych-K and Breathwork are very powerful tools for emotional health and these are a few daily exercises from those modalities;

  1. Set positive intentions and affirmations towards any area of your life that you would like to improve. See my Inspirational Breathing Exercise. This is a very powerful tool to improve all areas of your physical and emotional wellbeing.
  2. Keep a close vigil on your thoughts, training and refocusing your thoughts to be positive, while allowing your true feelings, your true self within. Our thoughts create our reality. Our subconscious thoughts and beliefs have an enormous impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing every moment of every day.
  3. Accept, breathe through, and let go of any negative feelings and emotions that arise within you. Many of the processes within our bodies with which we feel fear and negative feelings are the same processes with which we feel love and all associated positive feelings. If we block out our feelings of fear, grief, hatred and anger we are also blocking the pathways in our bodies which help us to feel happiness, gratitude, love, joy and peace. In turn, this may cause the development of many different illnesses. It always comes back to allowing our inner feelings, whilst making a conscientious effort towards positive thoughts, intentions and affirmations. In doing so it is surprising how easily feelings of grief, anger and hurt, can transform into feelings of love, joy and peace. This in turn allows the free movement of energy throughout our body.
  4. Regularly centre your awareness to your own body and your breath. This is a beneficial exercise to use every day, particularly if you feel your energy being drawn away from yourself. Wherever we place our thoughts is where our energy goes. Refocusing our thoughts and our emotions towards positive feelings, such as gratitude, caring, love and joy, we can actually bring our heart rhythm, brain rhythms, hormonal, nervous and immune systems into alignment and synchronicity.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
Reinhold Niebuhr

Genome Healing, Psych-K and Breathwork are very powerful tools for spiritual health and these are a few daily exercises from those modalities;

  1. Learn to love and accept yourself.
    A happy spirit, finding deep peace, love and acceptance of oneself, is the most powerful first step towards health and happiness.
  2. Connect with our creative life force, which ever name you chose to use.
    Maybe you would prefer to think of universal or divine love, or the God within. Prayer is extraordinarily powerful. Surrender and trust, allowing your soul’s path to unfold before you.
  3. Take the time to simply watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset, the moon and the stars at night. Sit in nature. Allow yourself to absorb all the relaxing, healing energy of the earth.
    The magnificent, raw and powerful energy of our earth is incredibly healing, invigorating, and even euphoric.

Photo by Di Ellis


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