My Daughter’s Health Story

My daughter Lily overcame learning difficulties, dyslexia and health setbacks within days using Dr Clark’s zapper, to go on and become under 18yrs girls Australian longboard champion.

Between the age of around 10 – 13 yrs Lily often had symptoms of a cold and a few digestive upsets. Having some dyslexia and finding it very hard to concentrate and remember things, was also having difficulties with her school work. At dancing her teacher always had to repeat the instructions and push her more than the other girls. Testing showed she had one of the same parasites that I had. Although the pathology report said ‘no action required’, Claire, my midwife and mentor, warned me that her son had the same parasite which got into his liver and made him very unwell. I tried a number of different parasite remedies but she didn’t seem to improve.

One day Lily passed out and over the next week had strange spells where everything went a bit blurry and she felt like was is in a dream. Occasionally she felt like she might pass out again. The doctor said it might be wise for her to have a brain scan. I considered this but in hope I turned to Dr Clark’s Cure For All Diseases, and read the section on seizures. She says they are often caused by Ascaris larvae in the brain which are often passed on by animals which we have always been around.

I used the Dr Clark zapper on Lily and over the next week she noticed some big changes. Her dancing improving so dramatically her teacher thought she must have been practicing a lot. Able to concentrate and remember a lot more, Lily’s school work also improved dramatically. A number of months later I saw her special math teacher who explained that for the first few months in the special class Lily just wasn’t retaining any information. She kept asking Lily to concentrate because they had done the same thing over many times. Then all of a sudden she just started getting it and her work took off ever since. I hadn’t realized there was such a sudden improvement in her work at that time. The teacher was wide eyed and enthralled as I explained about the electrical contraption that I used to help Lily. Naturally I was amazed and elated.

Photo by Dianne Ellis

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