The importance of liver cleansing

Simple liver cleansing tea saved my life when I was seriously ill.

If not for one mug of alfalfa leaf tea as a liver cleanse, before breakfast and dinner, I would not be alive today!

The liver filters all toxins, dead cells, cancer cells and micro-organisms including viruses and bacteria from the body and has an enormous effect on all of our hormones. The liver plays a vital role in the function of our immune system. If the liver is not working properly it will adversely affect all areas of our health.

There are many herbs which are very beneficial for cleansing the liver and thousands of people have also gained enormous benefit from the liver flush, as used by Dr Hulda Clark and many other practitioners. Dr Clark reports that we all have stones in the liver and removing them is the best thing we can do for our health. Whilst the test results of my stones said ‘no evidence of gallstones’, they tested positive to the constituents of gallstones. See the test results below.

Some practitioners such as Dr Cindee Gardner and Dr Sandra Cabot (see my friends page) seem to have success helping people to remove gallstones using homeopathics and herbs which is a much gentler process. If you chose to undertake the liver flush, following the guidance of a trained professional in this procedure is recommended. Although I believe it is rare, some people may experience complications. From my own personal experience I have had no trouble with the liver flush process and I have experienced incredibly positive results. Following Dr Clark’s instructions, the procedure went exactly as she said it would. I felt some nausea at times especially when a large number of stones were removed but the benefits were certainly worth it. I was so shocked with the results and the improvements in my health which followed that I photographed and documented each flush. See the results below.  Warning – some people may not like to look at photos below ….







Liver Flush Results

2 May 2011 – 18 August 2012


1st Liver flush (63 stones) 2.5.2011


2nd Liver flush (75 stones) 13.5.2011


3rd Liver flush (11stones) 28.5.2011


4th Liver flush (81stones) 2.7.2011


5th Liver flush (17 stones) 16.7.2011


6th Liver flush (70 stones) 2.8.2011


7th Liver flush (7 stones) 16.8.2011


10th Liver flush (30 stones) 6.10.2011


11th Liver flush (7 stones) 24.10.2011


13th Liver (55 stones) 30.11.11


13th Liver flush (71 stones) 30.11.11


13th Liver flush (over 100 tiny stones) 30.11.11


15th Liver flush (26 stones) 4.1.2012


16th Liver flush (41 stones) 13.2.2012


17th Liver flush (30 stones) 13.2.2012


17th Liver flush (over 100 stones) 13.2.2012


17th Liver flush (85 stones) 13.2.2012


18th Liver flush 27.3.12 (48 stones)


18th Liver flush 27.3.12 (50)


18th Liver flush 27.3.12 (50)


20th Liver flush (23 stones) 2.6.2012


Stones from previous cleanse


21st Liver flush (64 stones) 18.8.2012

Labresults private xxx