During a breathwork session you may have feelings of deep relaxation, love, peace, joy and bliss!

Physical release

Breathwork is an excellent way to release tension and energy blockages in your body which may have been held from any past traumatic event or even birth. Simple breath and body awareness techniques can be an incredibly powerful tool for self healing.


Not only is conscious breathing beneficial for the physical functions of our body, it can also be used as a very powerful form of emotional and spiritual healing. With our awareness on our body and our breath, letting go of our thoughts, we are able to listen to our inner wisdom. When we follow what our soul requires, rather than what we think we want or what we should do, life falls into place much more easily. Passions are ignited, energy unlocked and a deeper meaning and purpose fills our life.

Enhanced physical performance

Apart from the obvious reasons why we breathe, there are many benefits to gain using gentle, conscious breathing exercises. Often during our lives we develop unhealthy breathing patterns. When we are stressed we take shallower and shorter breaths than is ideal. If this tension remains locked in the muscles our day to day breathing capacity can be limited without us even realizing. This can effect our carbon dioxide/oxygen levels which can immediately create a level of unease in our body. Messages sent from the heart, or the intrinsic cardiac nervous system, to the brain are erratic and in turn this disrupts nearly all of the functions of our body. Bringing our breathing patterns into a healthy rhythm encourages positive responses throughout our whole system from the immune system, the hormonal system, to the brain and cognitive system.

Gentle breathing and awareness exercises enable the release of tension and energy blockages throughout the body. This in turn enables healthier circulation and flexibility, improved endurance and sporting performance.

Allowing the bliss within

Breathwork is used to increase the amount of health, pleasure and happiness that we feel within ourselves each day. Breathing practices have been used to promote health and wellbeing for thousands of years by many different cultures and religions around the world. Science has shown that regulating breathing patterns improves overall health and wellbeing in every aspect of our lives.

Breathing exercises can be used to;

Whether you are searching for deep relaxation, profound healing or improved sporting performance, as a certified Breathwork practitioner I share with you the most gentle and effective techniques that I have discovered during my own healing and sporting ventures. All of the exercises are performed gently with the aim of increasing the amount of good feeling that you have in your body each day. There is no force or pushing through discomfort. There is never any need to go looking in the past for problems. When we set intentions to move forward in our lives, anything that may be preventing us from doing so may effortlessly arise. If this occurs there is no need to analyze negative thoughts or feelings. With awareness, acceptance, letting go and bringing our attention back to our body and our breath, often these feelings or restrictions dissolve. This may be followed by uncontrollable feelings of love, peace, joy and contentment!

Each breath has the capacity to induce peace automatically

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