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‘A Surfer’s Healing Journey’

The Beauty Beneath Life and Death

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After a series of tick bites, Dianne Ellis became extremely sick. Months of unsuccessful medical and natural treatment, including a week in hospital, left her struggling to hold onto life, terrified of leaving her girls. Just when she had given up hope one little old lady with a small bag of green, leafy herb changed everything.

Dianne credits alfalfa-leaf tea with saving her life. Renewed, she embarked on a journey back to health and hope, releasing the profound emotional trauma deeply entwined within her physical illness. Dianne passionately shares her process for reclaiming her lost joy and vibrancy, which was enhanced by her deep connection with the ocean, including techniques, treatments, wisdom, and knowledge gained from working with a number of incredible healers along her journey.

Join Dianne on an adventurous journey with amazing healers, adoption, tragedy and loss, a homebirth in the forests of Tasmania, a crazed gunman, mysterious rebirthing breath sessions, and the deepest love and forgiveness. Her story is proof that from the ashes of the old, a new life can blossom.



Photo; Lily and a dolphin, by Di Ellis

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