Good health and happiness is our birthright!

I love surfing and being active but a lifetime of chronic health conditions held me back for far too many years. When I was desperately ill I couldn’t see how I could recover, let alone ever surf again. But now I’m healthier than I’ve been in years. I’ve overcome those lifelong chronic illnesses and it feels amazing! I have also experienced deep trauma in my life which was very difficult to overcome. I became so passionate about the methods that enabled me to release the emotional trauma and energy blockages from my body that I completed the highest level of training in those modalities.

I share with you the most effective remedies and treatments I have used during the past 30 years. I also share the methods I have used to unlock the emotional connection to physical illness. If only I had this information back then. If only my parents knew this, how different my health and wellbeing would have been. But that’s why I’m here, to share it with you now, and as I’ve discovered our bodies have an amazing self healing ability. We just need to access it, trust it, and allow it.


I am a certified practitioner of Genome Healing and Breathwork, and an advanced PSYCH-K® Health and Wellness facilitator. I’m also an author, radio host of ‘The Healing Hour’ on TLCFM 100.3, mum to two beautiful girls, a budding filmmaker and photographer, and a very passionate surfer.

My experiences

My passion for wellbeing came about through necessity for I have experienced more ill-health, grief and trauma than I would like to mention. As a child I was very dependent on drugs due to asthma, hay fever, allergies, persistent colds and flu. Nonetheless I was a very active girl, quite a tomboy in fact, always swimming, running, playing sports, riding my horse and bike. In my late teens I began to feel some fatigue, then following a flu, the drugs were not working so well anymore. As my health deteriorated I went to the doctors and received more and more drugs, vaccinations, operations, all to no avail . At 19 I found myself in bed most days, playing cards and resting my arms when they became tired. With nothing else to do I saw a naturopath, changed my diet and learned to look after myself a bit better. Eventually I regained enough strength to live an active life again, but required numerous days of rest to recover after exercise. I desperately wanted my previously unbridled energy back, but with no more answers I came to the conclusion that I had chronic fatigue and pushed on the best I could.

When I was pregnant with my first child I realized how much suppressed grief and trauma I was carrying. I met some wonderful and inspirational women who guided me into motherhood, my most important role. I began seeing a counsellor, breath and bodywork practitioner and rebirther. I began to realize how the separation from my mother at birth, and the loss of my adopted mother when I was 3 years old, was still affecting my physical and emotional wellbeing. I learnt to listen to my body and release the emotional tension held within my body without reactivating old traumas. I set on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment and experienced many forms of healing with numerous incredible healers, who have lovingly shared their wisdom and knowledge.

My unquenchable thirst for knowledge of the connection between mind, body and spirit, and the effect that our emotions, thoughts and beliefs have on our health and happiness, has compelled me to study, learn and experience as much as I can regarding these issues.

Healing at a cellular level

My memories of my adopted mother in hospital soon before she died have had a huge impact on my life. I do not like to see people unwell. I know without a doubt, the most important things in life are good health and a happy heart. When I became seriously ill with Lyme disease and a serious cancer threat, this took my healing to a whole new and even deeper level. Now I didn’t just WANT to improve my health and wellbeing, I NEEDED to! I needed to heal at the deepest level of the cells not only for myself but also for my children and their genetic inheritance. I needed to show them it could be done and how. Genome Healing, PSYCH-K®, Breathwork and a number of simple natural treatments have enabled this in miraculous ways. 

I worked hard to uncover the cause of my health problems. I also worked hard to overcome the emotional trauma which had been deeply entwined within my physical illness. I realize now though, it doesn’t have to be hard work. It’s not meant to be hard work. Good health and wellness is our birthright!

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