Powerful quantum mind/body healing techniques

I can help you to achieve optimum health and happiness.
I will work with you to set clear goals and assist you to release anything that may be holding you back from achieving them.

Using gentle yet powerful mind/body healing techniques I will help you to effortlessly release traumas, limiting thoughts and beliefs, or energy blockages within your body. I will also help you to recognize any hidden infections or chemical imbalances which may be affecting your physical, mental or emotional wellbeing.

I have intensively studied mind/body healing techniques for 20 years. Having overcome deep emotional trauma and chronic, serious health conditions I’m very happy to share the most effective methods I have found, including …

Genome Healing

* Reconnect to your inner blissful self
* Give your organs a voice
* Release dis-ease from your body
* Unite the masculine and feminine energies within every cell
* Fast and effective trauma release
* Unleash the primal life-force energies within your body
* Create harmony in your body and your life


* Reprogram limiting subconscious thoughts and beliefs
* Address core issues to transform your life and wellbeing
* Enhance relationships, work, finances, fun, vitality, feelings of peace and connection


* Tap into your own guiding inner wisdom
* Access profound levels of consciousness
* Reach the deepest levels of relaxation
* Release and transform trauma or blocked energy, even from birth or gestation

Health Coach

* Detox and cleansing
* Respect and listen to your body
* Address underlying causes of illness including hidden parasites, viruses, bacteria
* Diet, replenishing vitamins, minerals and good bacteria
* Joy filled motivation … follow your passion

Client experience –

A client explained that he had learnt to live with the intense feelings of grief and darkness within him from his painful childhood. He said he knew those feelings would always be there, but that was ok. The day after our session he rang me in amazement, ‘It just isn’t there anymore!’ Many months later and he still feels the same way.

The power of self healing is within you … reach optimum levels of health and happiness

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‘Beneath every negative feeling, there are always profound feelings of love, joy and peace. Sometimes, the most precious jewels are found within the depths of darkness. Shine a light on the darkness and it disappears. The joy and beauty within are truly blissful’.


Photo by: Di Ellis


I was honored to meet world renowned cell biologist Dr Bruce Lipton and followed his recommendations to learn some of the most powerful mind/body healing techniques. Listen to Bruce here.