Powerful quantum mind/body healing techniques

Genome Healing

* Reconnect to your inner blissful self
* Give your organs a voice
* Release dis-ease from your body
* Unite the masculine and feminine energies within every cell
* Fast and effective trauma release
* Create harmony in your body and in your life


* Reprogram limiting subconscious thoughts and beliefs
* Address core issues to transform your life and wellbeing
* Enhance relationships, work, finances, fun, vitality, feelings of peace and connection

The power of self healing is within you … reach optimum levels of health and happiness


* Tap into your own guiding inner wisdom
* Access profound levels of consciousness
* Reach the deepest levels of relaxation
* Release and transform trauma or blocked energy, even from birth or gestation

Health Coach

* Detox and cleansing
* Respect and listen to your body
* Address underlying causes of illness including hidden parasites, viruses, bacteria
* Diet, replenishing vitamins, minerals and good bacteria
* Joy filled motivation … follow your passion

Dianne is a Genome Healing and Breathwork practitioner,  and  Advanced Psych-K facilitator. She is also an author, radio presenter, keen surfer, photographer and filmmaker. Having overcome serious and chronic ill-health, including Lyme disease and a serious cancer scare, Dianne passionately shares the most simple and gentle techniques she has found to effectively and powerfully enhance physical and emotional wellbeing. Read more here – About Dianne

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‘Beneath every negative feeling, there are always profound feelings of love, joy and peace. Sometimes, the most precious jewels are found within the depths of darkness. Shine a light on the darkness and it disappears. The joy and beauty within are truly blissful’.


Photo by: Di Ellis

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